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Daylesford is one of the best secrets Victoria has to offer. With a range of attractions including Hepburn Springs with some of Australia’s best spas, great wines and some of the finest views and accommodation available.


You may wish to start your journey by visiting some of the local attractions such as the Convent Gallery or the magnificent Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens. Spend your day visiting the many shops along Vincent Street, then spend you afternoon checking into your luxury Daylesford accommodation and enjoying a nice relaxing dinner at Kazuki’s.


Daylesford has some of the best accommodation available. Check out some of the options provided by The Houses Daylesford below.

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The Houses Daylesford provide a lovely setting for all occasions and can be made available for families, corporate stays, photo shoots, magazine shoots, and location hire. Please contact us for more information on what we can offer at the luxury The Houses Daylesford.



What to do while staying in Daylesford?

Below are some popular attractions that you may like to consider during your stay:



SPA Country



No visit to Daylesford is complete without visiting one of the many spas which are located both in and around Daylesford. The region is full of natural springs so when you stay the experience is at a relaxing pace and a little more down to earth so you can take your time and really enjoy your getaway. Each of the venues offer a different experience, we suggest you call us on 03 5348 2008 and we can point you in the right direction to ensure you get the experience you deserve.



Parks and Reserves



Daylesford is renowned for its natural resources. Whether it’s visiting Lake Daylesford, pausing on occasion to take in the magnificent views (particularly at sunrise!), or taking the quick 20 minute walk to the Wombat Hill Botantic Gardens, a beautiful place to relax or catch up with friends. In the gardens you will find the uniquely welcoming Wombat Hill House, a must for lunch or even a high tea in the afternoon.
If you are after something a little more adventurous, consider visiting the Wombat State Forrest. This forest is well over 1000 acres in size and has many hidden surprises. You can spend your entire life here and still find new and exciting things that you didn’t know before.

chips and bread on a platter

Restaurants and dining



After a big day, all you want to do is put your feet up, relax and have a nice meal. Of course all houses as part of The Houses Daylesford will help you relax with their large gardens, unique and cozy properties and warming service, but you may want to drop into town to get a hot meal and try some of the great local wines which are available.

Kazuki’s (found at 1 Camp St, Daylesford) is a Japanese restaurant serving a range of meals served as part of courses. The venue does offer 3, 5 and 7 course meals. Menu options do change seasonally so we suggest you contact them to find what is available for when you plan to stay.
Mercato (found at 32 Raglan Street, Daylesford) is a more standard Australian restaurant, offering a large selection of wines and meals made from fresh local ingredients. Like Kazuki’s, the menu is seasonal so we suggest that you contact them during your visit to see what options they have available for you. The venue is quite busy so bookings are a must.
Sault Restaurant (found at 2349 Ballan-Daylesford Rd, Daylesford) is situated on a huge 125 acres with a backdrop of the Wombat State Forest. This restaurant is perfect for lunch because of its amazing views and both light and filling meal options.
For extra restaurant options feel free to ask us on 03 5348 2008.




Looking to take a trip where you can stretch your muscles and get outdoors? In Daylesford all your fitness needs are catered for. Begin your day early with an invigorating group session at Xistance Holistic Fitness with a focus of wellbeing for both body and mind. Once cooled down, make your way out to Silver Brumby Trails, only 2kms out from Daylesford. You will get a unique perspective on the magnificent Wombat state forest reserve once you take a horseback trail ride through it.



Take a break for lunch at the Harvest Restaurant where they know the importance of wild and native ingredients, then it’s time to relax with a round of golf at the beautifully landscaped Hepburn golf course. If you fancy an active take on dinner, you can visit the local trout farm to finish off your day. You’ll be sure to get a catch and leave with a fish ready to cook. Finally you can get cosy at your luxury accommodation and reflect on your adventurous day out in mother nature. Perhaps The Garden House is the perfect option, with its beautiful gardens, densely vegetated grounds and it’s modern kitchen, it is the perfect place to dish up your freshly caught fish.

lawn surrounded by trees


All properties as part of The Houses Daylesford are all in close proximity to the center of town as well as many of the local attractions. The map below shows the location of all properties.

The Houses Daylesford is a compilation of luxurious holiday rental properties interspersed throughout Daylesford, Victoria, Australia. Guest properties are in the perfect location to relax in luxury at the local Hepburn Springs, or take a wander over to the beautiful Wombat Hill Botanic Gardens, Lake Daylesford, and explore the Convent Gallery, perhaps you’ll find the eclectic shopping in Vincent Street, or discover the fun that awaits you on your next escape to Daylesford with a multitude of other local attractions.


While staying at The Houses Daylesford, you may want to consider visiting some of the local attractions to get the most out of your stay.



Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm – This venue is a common location for large events. Situated 10 minutes out of town at 350 Hepburn-Newstead Road, Shepherds Flat on many acres of land, this is a great location to take the family to visit.



Mill Markets – This market is just like your local street market, just better. This indoor market, has a selection of things to interest you from vintage clothing, to home decor, to coins and more. You can contact them on 03 5348 4332 to find out more.



Passing Clouds Winery – This winery is for more than just for those wine enthusiasts among us. This venue caters for those interested in the outdoors with their many acres of vineyards, dining options for those who are a little hungry as well as the wine bar to help you unwind on your getaway.



Glenlyon Estate – Is a your winery with a relaxed feel. Allowing for outdoor picnics and wood fire pizzas right up to corporate events.



Chocolate Mill – How can you go on a holiday without a little chocolate? It’s a struggle. This is why you should check out the Chocolate Mill at 5451 Midland Hwy Mt Franklin or by calling 03 5476 4208.