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Restaurants and dining



After a big day, all you want to do is put your feet up, relax and have a nice meal. Of course all houses as part of The Houses Daylesford will help you relax with their large gardens, unique and cozy properties and warming service, but you may want to drop into town to get a hot meal and try some of the great local wines which are available.


Hotel Frangos (82 Vincent St, Daylesford) is a stylish and modern restaurant serving a delectable range of meals catering to all pallets. Hotel Frangos would be at home in the heart of the CBD, with trendy decor and a vibrant menu. This restaurant is a popular option for large groups staying in town, as they offer a range of services for birthdays, weddings and all other events. If you’re looking for something a little lighter, we recommend checking their cafe, Koukla, next door, which is a go-to spot in Daylesford for coffee and delicious meals throughout the day.


The Farmers Arms (1 East St, Daylesford) For most locals, The Farmers Arms needs no introduction. A mainstay of Daylesford since 1862, this pub/ restaurant is where you should go for a true local experience. The Farmers Arms offers the perfect blend of country charm and sophistication, with an extensive seasonal wine, beer and food menu. Far from typical pub fare, The Farmers Arms serves dishes with both European and Asian influences, made from high quality, locally sourced ingredients. Check out their website to see if there are any upcoming events you can attend, but we recommend you arrive early as this is one of the most popular restaurants in town!


The Palais (111 Main Road, Hepburn Springs) is a modern, refined, seductive performance venue where history enticingly meets the lure of the now. The space is indulgent, inviting, aspirational and warm, think warming textures, quality fabrics and lush surrounds. The palette is rich, dark and sensual with a bold personality, refined and opulent with a lush and sophisticated furnishing style. The Palais offers an entertainment experience with a side serve of indulgence. The venue features a main theatre, lounge bar, wine bar and a private room perfect for anything from large functions to small intimate gatherings.


For extra restaurant options feel free to ask us on 03 5348 2008.




We know that once you get into one of our houses you won’t want to leave. However, if you are looking for something to do in the area during your stay then we do have some recommendations…


Daylesford Wine Tours received a 2018 TripAdvisor Excellence Award for offering an unforgettable experience for groups of various sizes. Join actor Clay Watson & his team (along with Daylesford’s favourite Labrador Maizy!)  to explore various wineries and boutique cellars around Daylesford. Their fun & relaxing tours offer a wide range of tasting experiences, including local wines, ciders, spirits, ports & liqueurs. Voted top activity and one of the best things to do in Daylesford, Daylesford Wine Tours are the home of fun & relaxing tours, trivia & tastings in the area. From only $85 per person, these tours are definitely one of the most affordable and entertaining experiences you can have in town. Find out more about this incredible experience from the Daylesford Wine Tours website.


Professional Catering



All of our large homes have sufficient kitchen amenities to allow for guests to prepare their own meals for the duration of their stay. However, a popular option for groups is to avoid the hassle of cooking large meals by utilising one of the several professional catering services around Daylesford. Below is a list of caterers from around town who we would recommend.


Dele Catering (Shop 101, 37-39 East Street, Daylesford) utilise high quality, seasonal ingredients to prepare affordable meals for groups of any size. Operated by the decorated Adele Stevens, whose experience includes working as the sous chef for a Michelin Star restaurant in London, Dele are able to cater weddings, events, or prepare ready-meals for your group stay. Dele catering also offers a full range of vegetarian and vegan options. You can contact Dele using the details found on this website.


Spade to Blade Catering (21a Raglan St, Daylesford) are one of the more established and long-running catering services in town, with 25 years of experience using locally sourced, quality ingredients for groups of various sizes. Generally, the ingredients utilised by Spade to Blade have not travelled over 15km to reach your plate, so you know that the food is healthy and nutritious. Spade to Blade also offer both vegetarian and vegan options for individuals or whole groups. You can reach Spade to Blade using the contact details found on this website.


For extra catering options feel free to ask us on 03 5348 2008.

Behind the Scenes Partners



For our business to run smoothly a lot of work has to go on behind the scenes, and we are privileged to have help from several amazing businesses around town.


The Collective Workshop is an incredible local photographer, who has taken the stunning shots for both Lake Daylesford Lodge 1 and Heritage House. Find more of her work through her instagram, and be sure to check out some of her hand-crafted jewellery, which you can purchase from as low as $6.



Daylesford Locksmiths provide integral services for us, and have been one of our most longstanding and trusted business partners in town. Visit their website to see why they have been voted as the best locksmith in Daylesford.


Signsation creates the iconic The Houses Daylesford signs which anyone who visits Daylesford will doubtless be familiar with.



All properties as part of The Houses Daylesford are all in close proximity to the center of town as well as many of the local attractions. The map below shows the location of all properties.

The Houses Daylesford is a compilation of luxurious holiday rental properties interspersed throughout Daylesford, Victoria, Australia. Guest properties are in the perfect location to relax in luxury at the local Hepburn Springs, or take a wander over to the beautiful Wombat Hill Botanic Gardens, Lake Daylesford, and explore the Convent Gallery, perhaps you’ll find the eclectic shopping in Vincent Street, or discover the fun that awaits you on your next escape to Daylesford with a multitude of other local attractions.


While staying at The Houses Daylesford, you may want to consider visiting some of the local attractions to get the most out of your stay.



Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm – This venue is a common location for large events. Situated 10 minutes out of town at 350 Hepburn-Newstead Road, Shepherds Flat on many acres of land, this is a great location to take the family to visit.



Mill Markets – This market is just like your local street market, just better. This indoor market, has a selection of things to interest you from vintage clothing, to home decor, to coins and more. You can contact them on 03 5348 4332 to find out more.



Passing Clouds Winery – This winery is for more than just for those wine enthusiasts among us. This venue caters for those interested in the outdoors with their many acres of vineyards, dining options for those who are a little hungry as well as the wine bar to help you unwind on your getaway.



Glenlyon Estate – Is a your winery with a relaxed feel. Allowing for outdoor picnics and wood fire pizzas right up to corporate events.



Chocolate Mill – How can you go on a holiday without a little chocolate? It’s a struggle. This is why you should check out the Chocolate Mill at 5451 Midland Hwy Mt Franklin or by calling 03 5476 4208.