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We are The Houses Daylesford, the fastest growing accommodation booking agency in Daylesford. We have a portfolio of over 60 boutique quality properties of all sizes, with the potential to sleep over 500 guests around town. 


We generally focus on helping  to accommodate large groups who want to visit town find a property or combination of properties. These groups include wedding parties, corporate retreats, family reunions, book clubs, hiking groups and many, many more! 


We believe that the most integral part of our team are the property owners who have made the choice to join our portfolio! We consider our relationship with owners to be an ongoing and dynamic process, where we are always open to discuss any element of their property. We often have conversations with owners about the optimal photographs, bedding configurations and interior design for their property to ensure that they earn the most out of their investment. Our key services are 24/7 guest support, styling/ interior design advice and an in-house photography service. 


We’re always happy to hear from home owners who are looking to join our team. Please fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you shortly in regards to moving forward with the listing process.

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